Wednesday, September 25, 2019

We’re surrounded by great inventions that have transformed our daily lives, from the steam engine to the internet. Begin your exploration of great inventions by considering just how prevalent inventions truly are. Do we notice them in the world around us? Do we know how they work? Who invented them, and why? Learn about "Inventions that Changed the World" and hundreds of other online video courses through RBdigital. From the RBdigital menu, find "The Great Courses" under Education. For information on how to download the RBdigital app onto your device, click HERE

If you are interested in reading books about inventors and great inventions, consider some our favorites from cloudLibrary and hoopla:

And did you know that women inventors have been marginalized and have had their history almost completely omitted from history books? To make matters evern worse, many inventions by women were credited to men. For example, did you know that a woman invented the famous board game we all know as Monopoly? It was invented by Elizabeth Magie but Charles Darrow, an unemployed heating salesman, traditionally gets credit for America’s favorite homage to extortionist landlords. But as PBS discovered in 2004, the board game actually had its start nearly three decades earlier when Magie, an acolyte of the economist Henry George, secured the patent to "The Landlord’s Game." For her efforts in creating the country’s most popular board game she received just $500 from Parker Brothers. 

And it is no secret that Black and Latinx inventors have been ostracized. Their contributions and inventions have been overlooked and overshadowed. You can find more information about Black inventors HERE and Latinx inventors HERE. We hope that these excellent reads and resources will inspire you to invent something that can truly change the world. Get inspired and always bet on yourself. You miss 100% of the shots you do not take.